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The incomplete works of Andrew Gallix: rejectamenta, juvenilia & other delinquencies
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  [Tuesday, January 17, 2006] [Andrew Gallix]

Written in:

Paper publications:
July 2005: The Paris Bitter Hearts Pit 1 (July 2005): 8
June 2006: The Edgier Waters: 5 Years of 3:AM Magazine. London: Snowbooks, 2006). 3

Electronic publications:
April 2000: 3:AM Magazine
1 June 2000: Sniffy Linings Press (USA)
4 July 2000: Tourist 2000 (USA, no longer online)
Summer 2000: Alicubi (USA)
Autumn 2000: NB:RW (USA, no longer online)
December 2000: Clean Sheets (USA)
29 January 2001: In Posse Review (issue 8, vol 1, USA)
January 2001: Comrades (issue 4, UK/Italy)
18 December 2005: Scarecrow (issue 38, UK)

Ribena is a British soft drink, made with blackcurrants, which is usually drunk by children. * These were the original opening sentences: "Once upon a time my sister baked a gaggle of gingerbread men I imagined to be destined for doughy, doughty deeds so gallant were they. I simply couldn't bring myself to eat them, had neither the heart nor the stomach to do so." * The last paragraph has also been slightly altered: "Breakfast, the morning after, was a truly religious experience. I binged ravenously on the horny homunculi, biting off their heads with sheer abandon, tearing away at their limbs and washing them down with enough glasses of Ribena to incarnadine the multitudinous seas." * Utahna Faith (July 2004): "It's funny, a couple of days ago I woke up really thirsty, and on my way to the fridge your phrase 'enough Ribena to incarnadine the multitudinous seas' popped into my head. I loved that title and line when I first read it a few years ago, and it just came to mind although I hadn't thought about it in a long time." * Found these two comments on a discussion forum devoted to Ribena (eGullet, 2004): "Only tangentially related, but worth a note: There is a short short story by Andrew Gallix titled 'Enough Ribena to Incarnadine the Multitudinous Seas.' Google it. It's fun." Someone else wrote: "That is the best title I've ever seen!" * The story was described as "spellbinding" by Lee Rourke, editor of Scarecrow (1 August 2005). Before publishing it in Scarecrow (issue 18), Lee said: "I've always loved that short" (12 December 2005).


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